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     St. Nicholas Academic Community serves homeschooling families who desire to live a Christian Life and who wish to join other families who seek a classical education that embodies the Seven Liberal Arts: the Trivium - grammar, logic, and rhetoric (the learning stages of children), and the Quadrivium - traditionally arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy, but revised in our Cottage School as studies of “God’s Beautiful Order” - Patterns seen in nature, astronomy, math and geometry, art and music.


     Our core curriculum consists of Christian Studies, Latin, Mathematics, Composition, History, Geography, and Literature. Our science courses are partnered with art classes so that children observe, think, respond, and record discoveries. Music, Drama, Sewing, and other electives enrich our students' experience.

     Courses are taught for ages 3 - 18, by age group, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Among our instructors are parents, paid teachers, and volunteers. We meet in classrooms at Nativity of Our Lord Orthodox Church in Manassas, Virginia.


     Parents need to supplement our classes with homeschooling, including overseeing homework assigned by St. Nicholas teachers. We also ask parents to teach, assist teachers, or help in other capacities such as monitors and cleaning crew. We charge tuition to cover payment for non-parent teachers, a facility use donation to Nativity, and other miscellaneous expenses. Tuition discounts are based on parent’s co-op hours.


     SNAC is open to families and teachers who are not Orthodox Christians with the understanding that all of our educational offerings are grounded in our faith and traditions. Feast day liturgies are part of the rhythm of our calendar year and it is our desire to bring up our children in the Church - classes may be canceled at times in order for families to attend Divine Liturgy. We recognize Old and New Calendar differences for feast days.


     We strive to be a witness for our Lord and as such we encourage fellowship, kindness, and community between each person in our Cottage School.

Glory be to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!

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